Is Consumption the Point of Economic Activity?

On the Economist Free exchange blog, Ryan Avent objects to some of my recent writings on the production economy vs the consumption economy. In the process, he makes a statement  that I feel needs further examination. He writes:

consumption is the point of economic activity; why work except to obtain things?

I have heard this line before. To me, it sums up the essence of the consumption economy: The only purpose of work is to consume.

I would like to raise two objections to this statement–one technical, one philosophical. First, even if you believe that consumption is the only point of economic activity, presumably we  care about the consumption levels enjoyed by our children, and our children’s children’s. So if you care enough about future generations, you personally will choose to consume less and invest more today. Given that we as a society are running up big debts,  it is highly likely that our children will be better off if we choose to invest more today and consume fewer goods and services, whether they are imported or domestic. Under current circumstances, there is no moral imperative to consume.  

Second, I’m going to wax a little philosophical here.  Mr. Avent writes that “the only purpose of work is to consume.” That’s a little bit like the people who say that the main goal of life is to be happy. I would disagree with both statements. I would say that once we are above some level of income, the main goal of work (and life) is to contribute to society in the best way we can.  Happiness (and consumption) flows out of that contribution.

End soapbox.

P.S. I wouldn’t have any trouble at all with a trade deficit if we had a high rate of investment. But our current level of net investment, in nominal dollars,  is less than half of what was before the recession. We’re borrowing from the rest of the world to fund our consumption today, not our investment and productivity gains.

[Added on 8/17

Here is a Keynesian post that claims Consumption – To Repeat the Obvious – Is the Sole End and Object of All Economic Activity ]