How Globalization Distorts the Data: Recent Papers

There’s growing evidence that government statistics underestimate the impact of offshoring on the U.S. economy. Here are some references:

Michael Mandel, “The Myth Of American Productivity,”  Washington Monthly, January-February 2012.

Michael Mandel and Diana Carew, “How a Competitiveness Audit Can Help Create Jobs,” Progressive Policy Institute, November 2011.

Michael Mandel and Susan Houseman, “Not all productivity gains are the same. Here’s why,” McKinsey What Matters, June 2011,

Susan Houseman, Christopher Kurz, Paul Lengermann, and Benjamin Mandel. 2011. “Offshoring Bias in U.S. Manufacturing,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2011.

Michael Mandel. 2011.  “How much of the productivity surge of 2007-2009 was real?”,  blog post, March 28, 2011.

Michael Mandel. 2011. “Implausible Numbers” and “Chartbook,”  blog post, February 28, 2011

Susan Houseman. 2011.  “Offshoring and Import Price Measurement”,  Survey of Current Business, February 2011.

Susan Houseman, Christopher Kurz, Paul Lengermann, and Benjamin Mandel. 2010.  “Offshoring Bias in U.S. Manufacturing: Implications for Productivity and Value Added,” Federal Reserve Board International Finance Discussion Papers, September 2010

Michael Mandel. 2009. “Innovation Interrupted”, BusinessWeek June 15,2009

Michael Mandel. 2007. The Real Cost of Offshoring, BusinessWeek, June 18, 2007


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