About Me

As of January  2012, here’s how I spend my time.

  • Chief Economic Strategist at the Progressive Policy Institute, a centrist Washington think tank.  One of my latest papers,  Scale and Innovation in Today’s Economy, was written up in the Economist.
  • Senior fellow at Wharton’s Mack Center for Technological Innovation
  • President of South Mountain Economics LLC,  a consulting firm focused on new metrics for the impact of innovation and trade on state, local, and national economies.
  • Founder of Visible Economy LLC.  We produce videos that combine news and education.
  • The second edition of my introductory economics textbook, Economics:The Basics, has recently been released by McGraw-Hill.
  • My  main twitter feed is @MichaelMandel, and My textbook twitter feed is @MandeltheBasics.

I split my time between  DC and the New York area. Contact me at mmandel@visibleeconomy.com !


  1. Great BLOG and glad you are back to writing what you love.

    We are looking to have you back on the program this week. How can we set that up?

    Thomas White

  2. Mark Laidlaw says:

    Michael, Congratulations on your new venture and blog. Any chance that the follow-up to this post is still on its way?



  3. Mike Mandel says:

    I know exactly what my next post will be on journalism…but you’ll have to wait until my new venture is live.

  4. Georgianna Nutt says:

    Is there a proper email address where submissions may be sent? In particular, we have a graphic/chart regarding debt limit. But also, we are looking to update contacts.

    Thank you,

    Georgianna Nutt

    Heritage Foundation Intern, Communications

  5. Michael, wonderful reading the blog. I got a book today on the Next 100 Million, how the growth of the US from 300 million people to 400 million will change the country and the world. Made me think of your writings a while back.

    Hope you’re well. Please let me know how to get in touch with you.

    Peter Elstrom

  6. Mike,

    Would love to be able to get your postings through a RSS link.

  7. Great Blog. Stumbled on from Marginal Revolution and I intantly liked your no BS, straight to the point writing. All the best for your Education initiative.

  8. We have lost ALL of our factory jobs. All towns and small cities are ghost towns. Gardner, Mass. used to be a huge furniture manufacturing city. Now a ghost town. Fall River, Mass. used to be a huge sewing mills city. Now a ghost town.

    As long as we do not have any factory jobs the economy will never ever come back. Our original factories will never come back. They are old tried and true family companies that have been shut down forever.

    Re-train for jobs? What kind of jobs? Government jobs? The jobs used to be Quality Control, Production Manager, office, etc. not just production. I worked in three factories ( bookkeeper). I loved my factory jobs. Building a bridge and roads is not long term, especially for folks who are 50+ years old and can’t build a bridge.

    Obama is telling us to spend money, buy things to create demand.
    Demand to do what? America doesn’t make anything. We would only be creating demand for imported goods, which results in more money and jobs going out of the country.

    We need store shelf tags telling us what items are Made in the USA. Americans won’t read labels. It takes too much time. We need to be told which items to buy. A red, white and blue dot on the shelf tag.

    Stimulus does not work. All our goods are made abroad. We still lose. So stimulus fails.

    Washington rewards companies for going abroad (with tax advantages, etc.) and punishes USA companies with horrible corporate tax rates and regulations. The solution is: American companies may still “go global” but only 30% of the work force is abroad, 70% stays in the USA.

    Federal government should not protect unions in order to allow the unions to close down honest, hard working, family businesses. It should be treated as a murder. Our factories should be treated as if they are a sacred cow, actually be protected, and not allowed to die.

    The economy will never, ever, ever come back. The same thing is happening in Europe with 22% unemployment. No matter what on God’s green Earth is done. Cutting and/or raising taxes is not the answer and will never work because the country is entirely different today.

    This is the “New America”. A century ago we were in the Industrial Revolution. Now we are in the Non-Industrial Revolution.

    Alice Kent
    Stuart, FL

  9. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday.

    It will always be helpful to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their websites.


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  4. […] Mandel describes the HGP as an economic flop so far–and he would be inclined to do so since he is interested “the innovation shortfall”–he fails to understand that we didn’t invest in the HGP adequately. Seriously, compare […]

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