Pirate Party vs Tea Party

I see that the Pirate Party has won seats in a German election, with an agenda including loosening of copyrights and patents, a stronger right to privacy, and  more transparency in government.

A friend asked me a fun question: What would happen if the Pirate Party debated the Tea Party?  The mind boggles.


  1. Are you sure that they’re that different? The America Invents act that just passed, which its opponents claim hurts patenters, was co-sponsored by Lamar Smith, a prominent member of the Tea Party Caucus (though the opposition to the bill is pretty mixed, as prominent Democrats also voted against the bill). As for privacy, “59 percent of Tea Party supporters believe ‘we have given up too much freedom and privacy in the name of security,’ compared to 47 percent of non-Tea Party Republicans.” As for transparency, since Tea Party members tend to be very distrustful of govt spending and want to cut it a lot more than many others, I bet they’d be behind making what is spent much more transparent. So if you look behind the easy stereotypes, they’re not that different on those common issues, with the main difference being that the Tea Party has been much more successful here than the Pirate Party has ever been. 😉

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