From today’s NYT:

The situation with drugs and medical devices is even more daunting. More than 80 percent of the active ingredients for drugs sold in the United States are made abroad — mostly in plants in China and India that are rarely inspected by the F.D.A. Half of all medical devices sold in the United States are made abroad. Many kinds of antibiotics,steroids, cancer medicines and even aspirin are no longer produced in the United States, or in many cases anywhere in the Western world.

Is that true? Aspirin is not made in the U.S.?  I wonder what the difference in cost is.


  1. It is probably higher as it allows companies to shift profits offshore and avoid taxes.

  2. Stephen McCracken says:

    Maybe aspirin is just an unprofitable commodity.

  3. klhoughton says:

    The use of the word “Bayer” may have been a clue.

    The likely deliquescence of the produce would seem to make local production desirable. Unless all aspirin these days is Gel-caps.

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