More on manufacturing

Karl Smith, writing on Ezra Klein’s Washington Post blog, has some good posts on manufacturing here and here. Karl writes:

It’s anathema in many economics circles to speak ill of international trade. Indeed, I am not even willing to go that far. What I am saying is that the story of this recession is a part of the larger story of globalization and its effects on the U.S. labor market.



  1. Karl Smith says:

    I got that from you

  2. An overvalued dollar in real terms perhaps?

  3. Alexander Hamilton says:

    Yes! Really great! Finally the beginnings of a paradigm shift among economists. Time to trade in Adam Smith for some good old Alexander Hamilton and Fred List.

    List should be required reading for every American Econ 101 student. Any emprical test of 19th century growth rates would reveal that free trade states in the 1800’s (India, China, Argentina) failed miserably while the arch protectionists (US, Australia, Canada, Germany) did much, much better.


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