Fox vs CNN

I don’t usually do media criticism. But flipping channels on the Japan earthquake meltdown coverage, I  have to say that Fox was just so much more watchable and informative than CNN.  The CNN anchors and reporters spent an awful lot of time congratulating each other, and they often sounded ill-informed. The Fox folks drilled right in on the information and the pictures, and I felt like they were focused on the event rather than themselves.  (I was watching the feeds at my Los Angeles hotel).

BTW, I did not evaluate MSNBC or CNBC.


  1. I watch CNBC, they come across like a bunch of psychopaths, talking about opportunities and what’s going to pop from the tragedy. See here for example.

  2. This is why leftists have such a jealous obsession with Fox.

    It actually features both left and right-wing commentary, which leftists hate because leftism always looks stupid unless all other voices are shut out.

    Out of 8 news networks, only 1 is somewhat right-wing. Yet it has the highest ratings. That is why leftists obsess that 1 out of 8 is not outright leftist.

  3. The Fox folks drilled right in on the information and the pictures, and I felt like they were focused on the event rather than themselves.

    Leftism requires an extreme narcissism and self-absorption.

  4. Michael,

    Don’t forget the gender angle.

    When a man sees a car crash, he will describe what events took place.

    When a woman sees a car crash, she will discuss how the events made HER feel.

    Some women are objective and some men are feminized, of course, but remember that right vs. left is very much a testosterone vs. estrogen manifestation in ideology.

  5. Makes sense, CNN is in last place (O’Reilly gets more ratings than all three of his time-slot competitors combined!) and probably can’t afford to keep up anymore. I was surprised to read a couple months ago that Fox News dominated by so much, or that CNN had dropped so far. Conversely, while I don’t much care for the NY Times and don’t read it unless linked to it once in awhile ( is my online paper of choice), I was googling for some info on the Wisconsin union bill just last night, trying to figure out what was actually in the bill, and this NY times article was the only one I found with a concise summation of what the bill did to union collective bargaining rights. I couldn’t find any other article in google that had a good description like that, as most focused on the reaction, although that’s just the result of a few minutes of googling.

  6. TTT – that was an impressive string of pseudo scientific cliches, ridiculous generalizations, and basic political ignorance.

    i think the philosophical difference you were fumbling for is that the right puts greater emphasis on individual responsibility, while the left places more emphasis on social responsibility, but honestly i’m not even sure it’s fair to make that much of a stretch. ignoring your garbage grade 5 neuroscience, you’re also totally conflating gender with sex.

    being a true conservative means having faith in basic human nature; that we can create a better society when we each have more power to shape the world around us… your ridiculous list of playground chants is just an embarrassment .

  7. htedr,

    Instead of make a logical counterargument, you resort to shaming language. This is evidence of you knowing you have been outclassed.

    The left cares about social responsibility? Ha! At this point, leftism is not even an ideology, but rather a sickness. This is borne out from their actions every day in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

    • TTT,

      You are close to being crazy. If you can’t see why, it only reinforces the point.

      Fox news is able to provide great raw news when it chooses. It also outright lies to its viewers on a daily basis.

      If Fox news informed its viewers, it would show up in the statistics as “Fox news viewers most informed” But Fox news viewers are usually the least informed on any major political issue.

      just google “Fox news viewers un” or Fox news viewers Le” and google will provide you with some helpful suggestions. Fox news viewers are the least informed, the most uninformed viewers, because Fox news routinely lies to them about the issues.

      “You resort to shaming language” and “leftism is not even an ideology, but rather a sickness”, one sentence apart, and without irony. “Crazy” is good descriptor for behavior like this.

      • ‘Lied’. That is just what an ignorant leftard says when he can’t debate logically.

        Disagreeing with proper logic is what leftists call ‘lying’. Much like they think Bush ‘lied’ abotu WMDs…

        Fox has higher ratings than all left-wing news networks. The left is obsessed with Fox because the Left cannot shout down Fox.

        TC has proven his emptiness, period.

  8. Watching CNN is indeed a strange experience. Apart from the constant interruptions for ads and program announcements there just isn’t all that much news of substance.

    I agree on the congratulations, they also seem to place a lot of emphasis on viewer comment via new media “….and Hugh from Burundi sent us this via Twitter…”

  9. Plus, this TTT guy is commenting on one of the best blogs. This blog – Innovation and Growth – is just fantastic.


  1. […] Mandel argues that Fox has been doing a better job covering the Japan disaster than CNN. My sense is CNN’s John King has been doing a terrific job, but the crawl of information on […]

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