The Health-Education Decade

 We might as well put the 2000s to bed completely.  From 2000 to 2010, health sector jobs grew by 3.3 million; Education sector jobs rose by 1.8 million; The rest of economy lost  -7.1 million jobs.

Here’s some more detail if you want it.


  1. Thank the tobacco and fast food industry?

  2. This decade will be the information decade, finally producing all the information work that was anticipated in the late ’90s. Medical and education jobs will be devastated by this rise, as online medicine and learning will employ a lot fewer people. The key is micropayments, but until that technical bottleneck is implemented, the employment numbers will continue to tread water. It will be interesting to see exactly what the employment numbers turn out to be in the coming information boom, whether all the jobs it destroys will be replaced by more information employment or if the trend will continue downward, just less fast than before. I suspect that there will be many more people employed, but the hours and pay will be structured very differently. Also, just as relatively recent firms like Borders have been swamped by the internet, existing internet firms, like ebay or facebook, will also be swamped by the next wave. Things will just move too fast and they won’t be able to adapt.

  3. Good charts.

    I wonder, though, if the inclusion of 2008-2010 might be swinging things against the Construction and Retail Sectors (both of which took a major hit during the recession). What were they like for the prior seven years?

  4. So the solution is to nationalize the rest of the economy?

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