PPI on the SOTU (more initials FTW!)

Take a look at these posts on the State of the Union from the Progressive Policy Institute. Some good stuff here:

If last night was the opening gambit in the 2012 campaign, it hints that Obama understands that the two keys to getting re-elected – a centrist politics and an economic recovery – are linked. What he also needs to understand is that he’s going to have to keep hammering on the same themes if he wants them to stick.

… the best line of his speech–“We do big things”–was probably the most forceful testament to American greatness and world leadership of the Obama presidency. It was an effective reminder that despite the impasses our politics so routinely produce that our calling is at the head of the world’s pack, and for a damn good reason.

People are often frustrated that they don’t hear the specifics about what government should do. …the fact remains that the broad, often simplistic pronouncements we heard last night still do push the ship of state in one direction rather than another.  And the fact also remains that the gulf between hard policy and the politics of policy can be perilous.


  1. Yes, some thought-provoking reading. The studied response seems to be in vogue — quite a different tone from a certain SOTU past when one could almost hear the wild west yips and yells as hoards grabbed their lumber and keyboards and pens, invigorated with renewed certainty that housing would never go down and bankers would reign supreme. Forgive me for that, but I just think that it is worth pointing out that muted signaling might be more conducive to stirring the creative juices of the populace and building something durable than an invitation to add fuel to raging fires.

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