On Innovation, Jobs, and the Coming Communications Boom

I will be speaking next Tuesday on Capitol Hill on “The Coming Communication Boom? Jobs, Innovation and Countercyclical Regulator Policy.” This comes off a policy memo I did for the Progressive Policy Institute on an alternative to fiscal stimulus in today;s economy.


  1. Michael,

    What are your current views regarding a number of optimistic assessments you made i your 2004 Book, where you said ‘the future is better than you think.’?

    If anything, your 1999/2000 book, the Internet Depression, was more prescient, as the depression took place in two parts, 2001-02, and 2008-11. An artificially-induced real-estate bubble broke the depression in two, but the reckoning came nonetheless.

    • Mike Mandel says:

      Oy. That’s a good question, and the answer is related to my innovation shortfall argument. I’ll handle that in a separate post.

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