Female Ghetto or Fortress?

Quiz: What percentage of women work in health,education, or government?

a) 26%

b) 37%

c) 43%

In the first five months of 2010, an amazing 43% of women workers were employed in health, education, or government.  This percentage is up from 37% in 2000.

The comparable figures for men were 22%, up from 18%.

Now, ordinarily we would think of this as a problem for women, being shunted off to lower paying jobs in mostly female occupations.  But these sectors have done better than the rest of the economy, leading to a much higher unemployment rate for men.

Just an observation. You don’t usually see such big differences get bigger.


  1. Do you think we will continue to see these numbers rise?

  2. I think unfortunately, a lot of women are going to start getting laid off as state and local governments run out of money. The man-cession may turn into a women-cession.

    • Why is this ‘unfortunate’ when these jobs cost the taxpayer a lot in return for nothing?

      Is it ‘unfortunate’ if a man loses his public sector bureaucrat job?

  3. The problem is, feminists have become female supremacists.

    They lobbied to steer stimulus funds from where it was needed (infrastructure) to where it was not (education/health), simply because they wanted to keep women on the dole at the expense of men.

    Christina Hoff Somers has a whole article about this :

    America has to dispense with the tired old lie of women being ‘oppressed’. In reality, the entire government is rigged towards taking from men and giving to women. Female supremacism has become the official ideology of the United States.

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