Teacher Firing Prevention Fund?

In his letter to Congress on June 12,  President Obama called for a “Teacher Firing Prevention Fund.” Now, I’m as much in favor of teachers as the next person. My mom was a teacher. I sometimes travel around the country speaking in favor of better funding for early childhood education, which I think is very important.  I run a business, Visible Economy, that combines news and education. Human capital, and especially education, is essential for the U.S. economic future.

But, boy, if Obama wants to make a case for more money for elementary and secondary education, calling it a Teacher Firing Prevention Fund is just not the way to go. Why not a Factory Worker Firing Prevention Fund? Or a Journalist Firing Prevention Fund?   After all, everyone’s pay contributes equally to the macroeconomy–doesn’t everyone’s jobs deserve protection?


  1. Externalities much?

  2. Could this be a test of the Socratic method? Teachers deliver an investment in the nation’s human resources.

    As much as I resent the destruction of generations of accumulated manufacturing knowledge, as much as I fear the dismantling of fine journalism, as much as anyone’s work and spending contribute to a vital economy, I would choose to save education first in an effort to hang on to the nation’s future. Perhaps the lack of grandiosity in the plea is also an exercise in the Socratic method, or a test to determine whether the vilification of teachers has completely overwhelmed what is in our children’s best intererests.

  3. Yes, but most participants in the free economy don’t sell their political loyalty to the highest bidder (Democrats) the way that public sector unions do.

    Want some proof?

    Go to the Election Atlas (http://www.uselectionatlas.org/) and compare the Dem/Rep vote percentages for those counties housing state capitals (home of the tribute-taking kleptocracy) versus the Dem/Rep vote percentages for those states as a whole.

    The political class/kleptocracy knows how its bread is buttered – and who has to be mugged to provide said bread and butter.

    One of the great sources of America’s economic decline is the extremely well funded myth that “educational bureaucracy salaries = better education” – which persists in the face of all evidence.

    The NEA has taken our children, as well as the very concept of education, hostage.

    Reminds me of Saddam patting the head of the terrified kid during Gulf War I…

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