Diamonds are a state’s best friend

According to the Census Bureau,  diamonds were New York State’s biggest goods export  in 2009 ($7 billion), followed by “paintings, drawings, and pastels by hand”

Interestingly enough, diamonds were also New York State’s biggest import in 2009, at roughly $10  billion.


  1. Don’t tell me unemployed Wall Street traders are selling off their diamonds and collectibles. You would think they could manage better timing.

  2. There is an diamond cutting industry in NYC. It tends to be a bit low key, but it’s there. (I remember a friend’s father worked as a courier for a diamond guy back in the 60s. He used a Sucrets box. He flew first class. I suppose today he’d use an Altoids box.)

  3. Frymaster says:

    Ooh, yah. NYC = center of US / North American diamond trade. If memory serves, WTC was a major location. Conventions in that trade are super-weird and very secret. Money and diamonds are never in the same place at the same time.

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