College grad unemployment hits magic 5% level

The unemployment rate for college-educated workers has now hit 5%, according to this morning’s jobs report.   How high will it go?


  1. I’m surprised it’s not worse, therefore, I’m predicting that it won’t get much worse — maybe another point as state and local governments face the music and the stimulus peaks — but the churn is surely pushing some down the value chain and that, plus inhibited borrowing and spending, will squeeze the least educated even more.

    I haven’t been able to dream up a sound methodology for predicting specific aspects of unemployment. If I could, I would apply it to the question of how long before it gets better, and I sense that it could be a very long time.

  2. Joe Cushing says:

    Why is 5% Magic?

    Hey, you need to add some color to this blog.

  3. (No need for color from my perspective, the display is fine as it is.)

    I think this is intimately tied to the previous post, dropping real PhD pay.

    I don’t want to regurgitate my comment from that post, but just mention 2 quick points:

    (1) There is more supply of advanced degrees, based on both rhetoric of what it takes to make a good living (the traditional “pork cycle” argument – only it’s apparently not (yet?) a cycle but an upward trend) as well as offshoring of manufacturing propelling young people towards “knowledge economy” careers.

    (2) Not quite unrelated to (1), the recent downturn/crisis has hit an economy which had been on the way of becoming a “knowledge economy” with a higher proportion of degree holders.

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