The Point of this Blog

Okay, so shoot me–I’ve decided to start (re) blogging earlier than I expected.

This blog will have four (count them) four main subjects.

1) Innovation–I’m going to write about  innovation of all types: Technological, corporate, business, and even social innovation.  I’m going to try to assess the speed and direction of innovation,  identify the impact on corporate and economic performance, and even point out places where there are big gaps.  I’m also going to keep an eye on innovation metrics.

2) Growth–we all believe that growth is good, right?  So I’m going to write about growth, with special attention to the different kinds of growth.

3) Economic statistics (with a big wave to my friends at the statistical agencies in DC).  I’ve invested a lot of time in understanding the economic statistics, their good points and where they are weak. And I’ll be d**med if I let that knowledge go to waste.

4) Economic and financial reporting–Judiciously, I’m going to comment on economic and financial journalism, strong points and weak points. I’ll try to be nice.

One final remark–this blog is going to be in a state of construction for a while.  I’ve got a lot of things going on (some of which I can’t talk about yet).

P.S.  To look at my (previous) BusinessWeek blog,  go to  here as long as Bloomberg keeps the site open.


  1. Glad to hear it. Count me as a regular reader. Always enjoyed your BW columns.
    Never realized you had an old blog…

  2. Dear Mark I’m very concerned about innovation.
    I’m italian and as you probably know we are not so strong in R&D
    but we are very innovative. I mean we ameliorate what other people
    have discovered or engineered. Of course our ‘way’ is a lot less expensive
    than to do R&d. Do you think it’s enough to keep our nation among
    the biggest of the world ?
    Sincerly yours

  3. Hi, Mike. I’d been wondering. Glad you split with Bloomberg. BW was determined to give everyone a chance for a bite of the apple. Bloomberg wants it all for himself. You always meant well for everyone, like BW itself. I have dropped the magazine. I don’t trust it. It’s all gone, isn’t it.

    To business: 1), 2) Technological innovation requires spare energy, among other things. Without spare energy it’s just survival. Growth of anything requires spare energy. Where do you plan to find the spare energy? 3) Do you trust the economic statistics? John Williams does not. He does his own. Is there a reason I should trust your analysis rather than his?

  4. Hey Pietro,

    You should pick up a copy of From Poverty to Prosperity by Kling and Shultz. This gets discussed a lot in their text….among all the institutional factors that go a long way in explaining the wealth of the developed world. Michael Mandel is the expert, but on R&D, I would think that imitation or adoption of others ideas would improve standards of living of a country. It also seems that it would be more important for a country to have a culture that is more open to the change that innovation brings…

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